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Here, take this purpose. Take this drive in your hand and go somewhere. Motivate yourself to walk the beaten track. Focus down the road less travelled.

I have been told to do something with this formative decade - shape myself into who I will be for the rest of my life. Ten years > the rest of my life.

30 is not the new 20, they say. That is a myth, and it will rob you.

I have this body, brimming with fecundity; blind, deaf and mute to its true purpose. I am distracted by false possibility, and a myriad of misleading “choice”. I must consider the child that I do not yet want, the marriage that I do not yet desire, and the career that I have not yet decided upon.

Focus, drive, concentrate with purpose, girl.

This will fade - all this that you think defines you - and you best be ready, lest you be left a woman… alone in this world.

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