You. &. Me.

There’s something in that, isn’t there?

Anonymous asked: oh my god, you are absolutely beautiful. like i literally am speechless. you are perfection. there goes my self esteem. i'm going to go cry in a dark corner now while i question HOW SOMEONE CAN BE THAT INSANELY GORGEOUS!?

Haha, thank you! YOU are gorgeous. Kick that self esteem back into gear, beautiful soul. There’s enough light to go around and it sure as heck shines out of you. 

Much love. x

Lesson the First

Believe in that
which will save you
from yourself

After all, are you
really such a terrible
enemy to have?


you must bear witness
to the past; four Red Moons
enforce it; change is upon you

for Ceres and Vesta
are locked in the dance
of the sacred feminine manifest

the Great Mother
& the Priestess each take
one of your hands in worship

a cracking of the
shedding skin: the self
must integrate into the other

surrender; plunge
to the murky depths of
the illusion, for that is all it is

the Tetrad is upon us;
bear witness to the past,
& blast away the shackles of it

to Felicia

is a strange
emotion, Felicia
by pride, crystalised
as hatred cools

you wonder
how you gifted
trust, and loving was
so easy before, Felicia
thick, fetid anger, what’s
left between us now

you splash
kerosene liberally
on the graveyard of 
a love that burned as 
hotly as the trembling 
match you strike

is a strange
emotion, Felicia
separating you from me
forever, on the other
side of this locked door.


It’s-been-a-while selfie. {


It’s-been-a-while selfie.


When you fastened the leather
‘round my wrists, whipped your
belt in time with my distress,
I wonder if you knew how
you were educating me.

The everloving blindfold
of your tenderness, and me,
quiet, in the darkness always.
Can you honestly say is it any
wonder what I’ve become?

Love is not, and will never be
fair; that is your legacy to me.
The everloving embodiment
of your downfall, Lasher,
that is my legacy to you.


A haiku on refusing to settle.


A haiku on refusing to settle.


I eloped with a rope,
tied firmly around my neck
Just to feel something.

Thankee poetry Gods

I like blue tags, they so pretteh.


He sits in that chair
like it’s mooring him to earth
my hand in his hand - the paper
thin blood bruise that is - all he needs
my green eyes on his fading blues
this is life, this is connection

The cousins come, they patronise
speak loudly as if talking to a child,
or a dog, taking silence for deafness
oh he hears them, he tells me
he understands, he is there inside
just too tired to play charades

I’m ready, he says to me
silently, I’m ready and I’m not afraid
paper blood bruise squeezes young
flesh, faded blues on teary greens
I love you, and I’m ready
It’s okay to let me go

Hypnic Jerk

I lay awake,
to the old house
settle around me,
like a spine under
qualified fingers.

As my aching
began their
reluctant relax,
I felt at one
with the
creaking structure.


You still do not understand what I have seen, Padre.
these robes will not save us now, nor these prayers;
we must bear the brunt of what I’ve brought upon us.

You asked me when our journey began, “Lorenzo
what are you mining for? For if you seek demons
you shall find them here.” You were right, Padre.

Lord help us for what I’ve done. You still do not know
the terror I have unleashed, Padre. The evil that hides
in shadows shall come to light; the Beast is near at hand.



Beauty. {




The Ballad of the Frustrated Masturbator

Exhausted, but I could not sleep
I took action hopefully to hand -
in vain, I strummed and writhed
creating a mess of hair
a mess of girl, but release
would not cum, not after five
minutes or ten. relenting
now, exasperated, thrust
back upon the pillow
the breath cooled, the skin
cooled and the body caved into
its opiate; a wash of hot salty tears,
this was the sedative it sought tonight.